April 20 COVID-19 Update

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Nova Scotia Update:
0 new deaths
1 new hospitalization
0 new ICU cases
48 more people recovered (248 total)

0 new deaths and a whopping 48 recoveries equals an excellent day for NS. Let's hope we continue down this road and that the situation at Northwood is improving

  • NS has 9 deaths, making the death rate 9/1M population
  • Canada's rate sitting at 42/1M
  • Global rate is 21.3/1M
  • US rate is 124/1M
  • Austria rate is 51/1M
  • Spain is 436/1M

Notable points for today:

  • All tracked countries took a very nice down turn
  • Spain's increase down to barely 2%, let's hope their pace continues to hold and further decrease.
  • Austria also barely 2% with their lowest rate of increase since they reported day of 0 death on March 30
  • The rate of death in Canada at it's lowest level since March 30 as well
  • The US had its lowest rate of increase since this all began.
  • The rates of increase in Canada and the US, whilst lower, are not yet to the low points we see in Europe, confirming what we already know, in that we are a little bit behind them in overall progression. Cautiously optimistic that the downward trend continues and we can put the peak behind us.



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