Well it was bound to happen, but inFACT just received its first violation of community standards on Facebook. This is because I shared the below link to the video of a group of Doctors in the US touting the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a treatment for COVID-19. The official reason given for the violation was due to "misinformation" because "HCQ is not a cure for COVID-19". Interesting that Facebook is the expert on the subject now and apparently knows what does and doesn't cure medical conditions.

To be fair, it was probably a little over zealous for the Doctor who made that statement, to claim that it was a cure, but she certainly did have excellent clinical result for the 350+ patients she personally treated. None of them dying or even requiring hospitalization. There are many more examples like her experience. Why are these not in the mainstream and being rigorously investigated?

Anyway, I am not a Doctor and am not saying this drug works, but I find it highly concerning that viewpoints from medical experts are not allowed to be heard even when there is significant evidence that what they are saying is true. Any "study" I have seen that dismisses the efficacy of HCQ (like this one) typically refers to the usage in hospital settings. The latest information is clear that for it to be effective, it MUST be used early on. Once someone has been hospitalized, it's too late for this treatment. These studies do not debunk the efficacy of HCQ, rather they strengthen the message that it may be effective when used as an early intervention, like these Doctors clearly describe.

I am for science and facts, not politics. I will always be a platform to get as much information out as possible and let people decide for themselves what they want to believe. I do not believe it's acceptable or appropriate for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other media platform to pretend they are the virtuous arbiter of what people are allowed to view, see or read. Right now, COVID-19 is so highly politicized it's absolutely disgusting. Whether you love or hate Trump, the simple fact is, HCQ is not allowed to be discussed because if it was shown to be effective, it would be classed as a win for Trump and that must be avoided, no matter the cost, even if that cost is tens of thousands of human lives. That's the stark reality. If there is even a hint of chance this treatment could work, we should be throwing unlimited resources at this so it can be effectively studied in a number of different scenarios so there is a clear, scientific/medical answer and is iron clad and undeniable. Instead, we just have left wing vs right wing and people dying in between.

Here are the links in question. Best to have them here rather than on social media so they can't be scrubbed away in the name of politics. Do research, decide for yourself, but for crying out loud make sure you get the facts. The problem is, there really aren't any solid facts on this subject, and that's the real tragedy.

American Doctors Press Conference

Professor of Epidemiology, Yale