June 19 COVID-19 Update

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Nova Scotia Update:
0 new deaths
0 new hospitalizations (2 total)
0 new ICU cases (1 total)
0 new cases (1061 total)
543 tests done
1 new recovery (998 total)
2 active cases (0.09% of cases are active, 99.91% are concluded)

NS has 0 new deaths today. 53/62 (85%) NS deaths are from Northwood and 57/62 (92%) are from long term care in general (11 different facilities have reported cases, none have an active case). Yesterday, 543 tests were completed with 0 new cases reported. 99.91% of ALL cases since day 1 are now concluded. NS is now at 15 days in a row with no deaths and just 2 new cases overall in the last 14 days, none in the last 10 days. There are just 2 active cases in NS, all outside LTC. Northwood is at 22 days with no new cases.

**With 1 new recovery but still 2 in hospital, it can only mean 1 of 2 things. Either the active case(s) have nothing to do with those in hospital, and those in hospital are classed as recovered but still listed as in hospital since its COVID related, or the new recovery is one of the hospital patients who is now recovered officially from COVID but still not well enough overall to be released from hospital.

From the Press Release:
“Today marks our tenth day of no new cases of COVID-19 and I’m very encouraged by our progress. We’ve achieved this because Nova Scotians have taken this virus seriously and followed public health protocols and advice,” said Premier Stephen McNeil. “Please enjoy this beautiful weather and time with your friends and family responsibly. While we’ve been able to loosen restrictions, it is important that everyone remains vigilant.”

- NS has 62 deaths, making the death rate 62/1M population
- Canada's rate sitting at 221/1M
- Global rate is 58.6/1M
- US rate is 361/1M
- Austria rate is 78/1M
- *Spain is 578/1M
- Sweden is 494/1M

Notable points for today:
- It's been determined that Spain has effectively put their death rate on hold due to the new reporting system they are using. I will update once I can find out more.
- Austria reports 1 death, meaning 38/41 days under 0.5% increase as well as the last 19/21 days at/under 0.3%.
- The rate of increase in Canada maintained at about 0.5%. This marks 35 days in a row at 2.1% or less including 14 in a row under 1%.
- The US rate of increase maintained at under 0.7%. They are at 35 days in a row under a 2% increase, 25 of them under 1% including the last 20 in a row.
- Sweden's increase dropped to under 0.25%. 35 of the last 41 days are under 2% including the 21/22 days and the last 12/15 under 1%.

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