2 active cases outside LTC, though there are still 3 people showing in hospital and 4 active cases showing at Northwood. At this stage the numbers are so low the holes in the data are glaring. Also, because I don't allow the figures to go into the negative, it actually shows 1060 total cases in the bar graph when it's actually 1058, as it has to account for the -2 active cases outside LTC.

Northwood Update:

Facility cases (total): 345 (no change)

Total cases: 246 (no change)
Active cases: 3 (no change)
Recoveries: 190 (no change)
Deaths: 53 (no change)

Total cases: 99 (no change)
Active cases: 1 (no change)
Recoveries: 98 (no change)

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