As noted in today's earlier update, there are some further discrepancies in the data today. Here is an overall summary:

  • 3 new cases today are reported from LTC, 2 Northwood residents and 1 other resident case in another LTC facility
  • Province reported 6 additional recoveries today, yet they also reported 11 less active cases from Northwood, and Northwood confirms this data in their update today (13 new recoveries and 2 new cases = 11 less active cases)
  • This is why, once again, you see a reduction in outside LTC recoveries, and an increase in outside LTC active cases (+11) that exceed the total reported new cases today (+7)

I apologize for the data inconsistencies but I can only report the data I am given. I estimate we likely have around 36 active cases outside LTC but the official count as it stands based on this data is 43. I encourage you all to use Twitter and Facebook to ask the Government why their data is inconsistent. The more they get asked the same question, the more they are likely to respond in some way, or hopefully issue a correction.

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