Based on the recoveries the province reported yesterday overall vs the significant reduction in Northwood active cases reported today, it's reasonably clear that the Northwood data is a day behind. As a result, I have adjusted my data set to account for this, and have pushed all LTC data back by one day so that it better matches up with the provincial data. What this means is that this visual will always be a day behind. There is no way around that until (if) the Northwood and provincial data actually line up. There still appear to be some small anomalies with the data, especially prior to May 5, but it certainly appears to make more sense now overall.

As of yesterday, there are 29 active cases outside LTC

Points to Note:

  • April 19 - Northwood stopped reporting the 6 home care & health specialist cases, for no apparent reason
  • April 28 - You see a jump in LTC (Northwood) recoveries and associated decline in outside LTC recoveries because Northwood just started reporting all staff recoveries
  • May 5 - Province began reporting LTC active cases, resulting in another jump in LTC recoveries and associated decline in outside LTC recoveries, as prior to this date, I was estimating the recoveries in the other LTC facilities (non-Northwood). The data should be especially accurate from this point forward

Northwood Update:

Facility cases (total): 328 (+1 new)

Total cases: 233 (+1 new)
Active cases: 64 (93 less)
Recoveries: 124 (+91 new)
Deaths: 45 (+3 new)

Total cases: 95 (no change)
Active cases: 13 (5 new)
Recoveries: 82 (5 less)

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