It looks as though data issues are still prevalent, unfortunately. It appears that active cases and death must be current, but total cases and recoveries for LTC are not, yet Northwood is trying to reconcile the data as if it is. For example, it was confirmed today that 6/8 cases today are from Northwood, yet Northwood reported just 1 new case today. In order to make the math work using this lagging case data, with the current death and active case data, they actually show 1 less recovery today compared to yesterday. All this does is ensure the math adds up between total cases, active cases, deaths and recoveries yet all of this data appears to be from different timelines. As a result, today shows that 7 of the new cases are from outside LTC when we know that it's in fact only 2. I apologize for this but there is really no way to reconcile all this data when the part of the Northwood data is from one time line and the rest of from another. All we can do is keep rolling with the numbers we are given and I will try my best to make adjustments as I get information that allows it.

There are 19 active cases remaining outside LTC, of which there are just 10 outside hospitals

Facility cases (total): 332 (+1 new)

Total cases: 235 (+1 new)
Active cases: 25 (2 less)
Recoveries: 161 (1 less)
Deaths: 49 (+4 new)

Total cases: 97 (no change)
Active cases: 15 (no change)
Recoveries: 82 (no change)

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