19 active cases total, 16 at Northwood and 3 outside LTC. There is an anomaly as Northwood is reporting 1 recovery and 1 new staff case, but the press release today dropped the mention of the single LTC case that wasn't Northwood related, suggesting they are the 1 recovery. This is why you see the outside LTC recoveries reduced by 1 as technically 2 recoveries have been attributed to LTC today.

Northwood Update:

Facility cases (total): 344 (+1 new)

Total cases: 246 (no change)
Active cases: 12 (no change)
Recoveries: 182 (no change)
Deaths: 52 (no change)

Total cases: 98 (+1 new)
Active cases: 4 (no change)
Recoveries: 94 (+1 new)

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