17 total active cases, 15 at Northwood and 2 outside LTC. As a reminder for the green/red chart below, the current day will always show the cases being outside LTC due to the fact that Northwood data is a day behind. Note, today 2 new cases were reported but the total case count increased by just 1. Dr Strang reported today that there was a false positive recently at Northwood. I tweeted the NS Government to ask for clarification on date, but they were unable to provide any information other than to say it was a recently reported Northwood case. To reconcile the data, I have removed 1 case from the totals and Northwood resident figures for May 22. That change is reflected in this update. Also note, there are 7 people reported in hospital, but only 4 Northwood staff + 2 active cases outside LTC exist so I'm very unsure of who may be in hospital, as the numbers suggest some would have to be Northwood residents, even though they have their own complete COVID ward on site.

Northwood Update:

Facility cases (total): 343 (1 less)*

Total cases: 245 (1 less)*
Active cases: 11 (1 less)*
Recoveries: 182 (no change)
Deaths: 52 (no change)

Total cases: 98 (no change)
Active cases: 4 (no change)
Recoveries: 94 (no change)

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