Continuing to build on the reporting and evidence that already exists on the subject of COVID-19 antibodies, here is yet another antibody study that finds upwards of 2.7M people in New York may have already had the virus, reducing the fatality rate to 0.5%, in one of the worst hit places on Earth. Here is the summary:

  • 3000 random people from New York state were tested for antibodies (about half in NYC and half in the rest of the state)
  • 21% in NYC were positive for antibodies
  • Just under 4% in the rest of the state were positive, consistent with the 3% from all other studies to date

If you recall, I reported on 4 other antibody test studies recently, they were in: Colorado, LA County, Santa Clara California & The Netherlands. All 4 studies found that approximately 4% of those they tested, had antibodies. This new test in New York further confirms that. In NYC, the numbers are much higher at 21%, but in a place that is so densely populated and has a significant portion of the US cases and deaths, this isn't that surprising. The figure of "just under 4%" in the rest of New York State is telling, and it is very very interesting that in study after study they keep landing on this 3% figure, meaning 3% of the wider population have already had the virus and produced antibodies.

I've recently heard that NS has a company producing antibody tests, so I am very interesting to get some data asap on these figures as they relate to Canada and NS. Will continue to update as I get more information.


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