Recently, a concerned citizen completed another freedom of information request here in Nova Scotia. The request was regarding vaccine adverse effects following COVID-19 immunization in NS between December 14, 2020 and August 22, 2021. Below are the results:

Within the specified date range, 1.43M doses of vaccine had been administered in Nova Scotia. As a result of those doses, there have been 400 adverse events deemed not serious (any reaction with any severity that does not require hospitalization) and 83 events deemed serious (required hospitalization or resulted in permanent disability or death). Keep in mind, these are only the events that have been properly reported and linked to the vaccine. I think it's safe to say there are far more than this that were not reported or refused to be reported as linked to a vaccine.

Broken down further, based on these official stats, this means that there is about a 1:3500 (1 adverse event for every 3500 doses given) chance of a non-serious adverse event, and a 1:17000 chance of a serious adverse event following a dose of vaccine. Since virtually everyone gets 2 doses of vaccine, it actually means each person has a 1:1750 chance of a non-serious adverse event and a 1:8500 chance of a serious event by the time you're fully vaccinated.

As we know from CDC data in the US, below is the risk of death for various age groups from COVID-19. Of course, these figures are based on people who have contracted covid and don't account for the chances of the average person actually becoming infected, which puts the absolute risk of death much lower.

Age 10 - 1:50000 (1 death per 50000 infections)

Age 25 - 1:10000

Age 55 - 1:250

Keep in mind, these figures are just averages and don't account for co-morbidities. We know that the average person who dies with a covid infection has, on average, several severe co-morbidities. What this means, is that for a healthy person in these age groups, the risk of death is far lower than these figures suggest (and also far higher for those who do have severe co-morbidities).

Unfortunately, without more data that breaks these adverse events down by age group, and data regarding long term effects from covid itself, as well as deaths by covid broken down by co-morbidities, it's hard to draw more precise conclusions. What is clear, is that if you are under 60 without any severe co-morbidities, then your chances of a severe outcome from covid are extremely low, approaching zero. However, your risk for a serious adverse event from being fully vaccinated is 1:8500 (average for all ages).

This post is meant to be informative and is not meant to convince you what you should do for you and your family. What's most important is that we have as much real information and data at our fingertips so we can make truly informed decisions about our own health. Informed consent demands this. The words "safe and effective" are totally meaningless without context or a reference point. Use this data and do your own cost-benefit / risk-reward analysis.

*for whatever reason, myocarditis (and other, similar adverse events) aren't explicitly listed separately and appear to be lumped under "cardio-vascular" under the "Allergies" category. So we don't know how many of the 83 serious events are heart related, but given there were 22 back in June, I'd say a decent chunk of the 83 are myocarditis related, but that's just speculation on my part.