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Nova Scotia Update:
0 new deaths (65 total)
0 new hospitalizations (0 current)
0 new ICU cases (0 current)
2 new cases (1146 total)
844 tests done
0 new recoveries (1058 total)
23 active cases (98% are officially concluded)

New Brunswick Update:
0 new deaths (6 total)
0 new hospitalizations, 1 released (1 current)
0 new ICU cases (0 current)
8 new cases (375 total)
2 new recoveries (341 total)
28 active cases (92.5% are officially concluded)

PEI Update:
0 new deaths (0 total)
0 new cases (68 total)
0 new recoveries (64 total)
4 active cases (94.1% are officially concluded)

Newfoundland Update:
0 new deaths (4 total)
1 new hospitalization (1 current)
0 new ICU cases (0 current)
0 new cases (303 total)
0 new recoveries (289 total)
10 active cases (96.7% are officially concluded)

Ontario Update:
10 new deaths (3371 total, 86 max April 30)
500 total hospitalizations (+21, 1043 max May 5)
125 total ICU cases (+7, 264 max April 9)
70 patients on ventilator (+3)
1487 new cases (95496 total, 1581 max Nov 14)
33351 tests done (4.46% positive, 48488 max Oct 8)
992 new recoveries (79295 total)
12830 active cases (51.7% under age 40, 11.1% over 70, 86.6% officially concluded)

There are 10 new cases in the Atlantic Bubble today, 2 in NS, 8 in NB; NB reports 2 recoveries. Ontario numbers are updated. The new cases in NS are in the Central Zone. Both are connected to previously reported cases and are still under investigation. 1 existing case in NFLD is now in hospital. 6 of the NB cases are in zone 1 (Moncton) and 2 in zone 3 (Fredericton). All cases are under investigation. This means there are 4 active cases in PEI, 23 in NS, 28 in NB and 10 in NFLD, none known to be related to the Atlantic Bubble itself. In NS, 53/65 (82%) NS deaths are from Northwood and 57/65 (88%) are from long term care in general (11 different facilities have reported cases, none have an active case). Yesterday, 844 tests were completed with 2 new cases reported.

From the Press Release:
New COVID-19 swish and gargle test method for children is now available at all assessment centres in New Brunswick.

“The addition of the new sample collection method will make testing easier for parents and children,” said Dr. Jennifer Russell, chief medical officer of health. “Although the nose swab is the recommended standard test for all New Brunswickers, the swish and gargle is available for children who are unable to receive the nasopharyngeal swab.”

Children from four to 11 years old can simply swish, gargle and spit some sterile salt water or saline solution into a tube instead of getting a nasopharyngeal swab.

“Parents and children are encouraged to watch a video of what to expect and practice how to swish and gargle before the test is done at the assessment site,” said Russell.

- NS has 65 deaths, making the death rate 65/1M population
- NB has 6 deaths, their rate is 7.7/1M
- PEI has 0 deaths
- NFLD has 4 deaths, their rate is 7.7/1M
- ON has 3371 deaths, their rate is 231/1M
- Canada's rate sitting at 291/1M
- Global rate is 170.2/1M
- US rate is 747/1M
- Austria rate is 213/1M
- Australia is 36/1M
- Spain is 869/1M
- Sweden is 603/1M

Notable points for today:
- Spain reported 0 deaths yesterday for an increase of 0%. They don't report on weekends.
- Austria reports 58 deaths for an increase of 3.17%.
- Australia reports 0 deaths for an increase of 0%, 30/32 days have 0 deaths.
- The rate of increase in Canada is 0.57% with 62 deaths (15 QC, 29 ON, 10 MB, 6 AB, 2 SK). 2 week rolling avg is 0.52%.
- The US rate of increase is 0.25%. 45/60 days are at/under a 0.45% increase, 12 of them at/under 0.2%.
- Sweden has 104/116 days are at/under 0.15%, all but 4 at/under 0.25%.

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