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Nova Scotia Update:
0 new deaths (65 total)
0 new hospitalizations (0 current)
0 new ICU cases (0 current)
11 new cases (1179 total)
1164 tests done
0 new recoveries (1070 total)
44 active cases (96.3% are officially concluded)

New Brunswick Update:
0 new deaths (6 total)
0 new hospitalization, 1 released (0 current)
0 new ICU cases (0 current)
6 new cases (430 total)
0 new recoveries (347 total)
77 active cases (82.1% are officially concluded)

PEI Update:
0 new deaths (0 total)
0 new cases (68 total)
0 new recoveries (67 total)
1 active case (98.5% are officially concluded)

Newfoundland Update:
0 new deaths (4 total)
0 new hospitalizations, 1 released (1 current)
0 new ICU cases (0 current)
3 new cases (319 total)
0 new recoveries (294 total)
21 active cases (93.4% are officially concluded)

Ontario Update:
14 new deaths (3486 total, 86 max April 30)
484 total hospitalizations (-29, 1043 max May 5)
147 total ICU cases (+1, 264 max April 9)
89 patients on ventilator (+2)
1534 new cases (103912 total, 1588 max Nov 21)
46390 tests done (3.3% positive, 48488 max Oct 8)
1429 new recoveries (87508 total)
12918 active cases (51.9% under age 40, 10.1% over 70, 87.6% officially concluded)

There are 20 new cases in the Atlantic Bubble today, 3 in NFLD, 6 in NB, 11 in NS. Ontario numbers are updated. 2 of the NFLD cases are contacts of existing cases. The 3rd case is travel related, a resident returning from work in Alberta. In NB, 5 cases are in zone 2 St John and 1 case is in zone 3 Fredericton. All are under investigation. All 11 new cases in NS are in Central Zone. Six are connected to previously reported cases; five are under investigation. This does not include a potential case that was detected last night, Nov. 21, in a pilot rapid COVID-19 screening program for bar staff and patrons in downtown Halifax. About 150 rapid tests were done, most on staff. Of 10 patrons tested, one was positive. That person also underwent the standard test, which provides a higher level of accuracy. Results are pending, and the person has been self-isolating since last night.
This means there is 1 active case in PEI, 44 in NS, 77 in NB and 21 in NFLD, none known to be related to the Atlantic Bubble itself. In NS, 53/65 (82%) NS deaths are from Northwood and 57/65 (88%) are from long term care in general (11 different facilities have reported cases, none have an active case). Yesterday, 1164 tests were completed with 11 new cases reported.

From the Press Release:
“Catching even one potential case of COVID-19 can have a huge impact in stopping the spread of the virus,” said Premier Stephen McNeil. “It’s an important lesson that we need to limit our social contacts and follow all the other public health guidelines – wear a mask, practise social distancing and wash your hands.”

Results of last night’s pilot will be used to inform a broader testing strategy.

“The majority of new cases we are seeing involve social interactions – people who may or may not be symptomatic going downtown with friends and staying for several hours,” said Dr. Robert Strang, chief medical officer of health. “Last night’s pilot provides us more information as our testing and screening strategy continues to evolve.”

“Together we are working through this latest setback to our province in our fight against COVID-19. I want to thank the many health and public safety workers who are reacting quickly to gain control of the situation,” said Premier Blaine Higgs. “While they have been doing excellent work, in order to get us all back to the Yellow level, we need everyone to do their part in stepping up for our beautiful province by following the public health guidelines.”

“As a province, we need a renewed commitment to slowing the spread of COVID-19. And we need it now,” said Dr. Jennifer Russell, chief medical officer of health “We need everyone in all corners of the province to reduce their close contacts to the lowest number possible and to follow public health measures.”

Schools in Zone 2

On Saturday, Nov. 21, families of students and staff at Hampton Middle School in Hampton and Simonds High School in Saint John were notified of a positive case in each of the schools. In addition, families of students and staff at Harbour View High School in Saint John were advised of possible exposure to a COVID-19 case. The schools will be in touch with families to communicate any potential changes regarding learning.

At this time, no student-to-student transmission has been determined in any schools. If you or a family member has been in close contact with the case, you will be notified by Public Health for contact tracing. If you do not hear directly from Public Health, you have not been identified as a close contact.

Outbreak at a nursing home

Public Health declared an outbreak on Friday at Shannex Tucker Hall, a nursing home in Saint John, and is asking visitors to the Parkland Shannex campus between November 15 to 20, 2020 to self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms. All close contacts of confirmed cases will or have been contacted by Public Health.

All tests from the Parkland Shannex campus have been processed by the Dr. Georges L. Dumont Microbiology Lab. At this time there have been a total of four confirmed cases in this facility.

- NS has 65 deaths, making the death rate 65/1M population
- NB has 6 deaths, their rate is 7.7/1M
- PEI has 0 deaths
- NFLD has 4 deaths, their rate is 7.7/1M
- ON has 3486 deaths, their rate is 240/1M
- Canada's rate sitting at 303/1M
- Global rate is 177.9/1M
- US rate is 776/1M
- Austria rate is 270/1M
- Australia is 36/1M
- Spain is 908/1M
- Sweden is 626/1M

Notable points for today:
- Spain reported 0 deaths yesterday for an increase of 0%. They don't report on weekends.
- Austria reports 60 deaths for an increase of 2.58%.
- Australia reports 0 deaths for an increase of 0%, 36/38 days have 0 deaths.
- The rate of increase in Canada is 0.64% with 72 deaths (32 QC, 21 ON, 10 MB, 9 AB). 2 week rolling avg is 0.59%.
- The US rate of increase is 0.59%. 46/66 days are at/under a 0.45% increase, 12 of them at/under 0.2%.
- Sweden's 14 day rolling average daily increase is 0.3%.

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