Today, Premier McNeil and Dr Strang announced the following (all effective immediately):

  • Restaurants and licensed establishments can now operate at 100% capacity and remain open until midnight
  • Private campgrounds can operate at 100% capacity
  • Public pools can re-open
  • Outdoor events operated by a recognized business or organization (church, business, hotel etc...) can have a maximum capacity of 250 with physical distancing. Indoor events run by a business can have up to 50% capacity up to 200 people with physical distancing. Businesses/organizations are allowed to have greater capacity as they are paid to be responsible for people's actions.
  • Gatherings not run by a business (family event) - 50 person limit with physical distancing
  • Not quite ready to open up LTC facilities but a plan is being worked on
  • Consider wearing non-medical masks when physical distancing is not possible. Examples include the bus, retail outlets, grocery stores etc... where physical distancing cannot be maintained. A mask should be carried at all times.

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