Today, Premier McNeil and Dr Robert Strang held a press conference to provide an update on COVID-19. Here is a summary:

  • All current cases are travel related and isolating as required
  • Testing capacity is being increased. By mid-November, labs will be able to compete up to 2500 daily tests
  • COVID-19 Gargle test pilot being done by IWK for children ages 4-18
  • We can't reduce restrictions now, as these restrictions are why we are in the position we are in. Dr Strang states border restrictions alone won't stop the spread of COVID-19
  • Thanksgiving - No more than 10 people can be together in an indoor private space. Extra cleaning of high touch surfaces is important. Do not host or attend a dinner if you are not feeling well as you may have covid. Don't have buffet style service, designate one person to dish out food to reduce those touching various services. Stay within the bubble. Outside is much safer than inside.
  • Indication made that gatherings would not be increased for Christmas, though not explicitly stated.

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