• $50M being given to Dalhousie COVID-19 research council to establish how to support the economy as we move forward.
  • Plans being developed for returning students to post secondary institutions. Students coming from outside the Atlantic Bubble will have to isolate for 14 days. Every student coming in will be required to have 3 COVID-19 tests during their 14 day isolation period. This will hep us track and respond quickly. Testing facilities will be available at each campus.
  • We have improved tracking of all others who are entering from outside the bubble. Digital tracking measures will replace phone call check ins.
  • Northwood review will not be made public, but any recommendations that result from it will be. Reasons given are down to privacy. Individuals who testified can tell their own story publicly.
  • Ongoing conversation between Provinces and the Federal Government about the situation with long term care facilities in the country.
  • Regarding opening to the rest of Canada, we need to monitor the situation as we welcome thousands of students in the coming weeks. It would be ideal to open together with NB and PEI but if that isn't possible we can potentially go it alone. This issue is the most challenging one, I would have liked to open already. Public Health will continue to guide us. We will focus on what is next after we see what happens with returning students.
  • Regarding the Legislature being opened, house leaders are talking about that now. Committees will be easier to deal with due to smaller numbers. Still trying to establish what the chamber looks like regarding configuration. Still no date has been established for the re-opening of the Legislature.

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