April 18 COVID-19 Update

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Nova Scotia Update:
3 new deaths
0 new hospitalizations
0 new ICU cases
7 more people recovered (184 total)

The 3 new deaths today are all from the Northwood long term care facility. We still have a death rate that is 5x lower than the Canadian avg, and no deaths of anyone under 70 without underlying health conditions. The situation in long term care facilities is not good, but is isolated to that sector meaning the health impacts on the general public are still effectively 0 and the current deaths are not indicative of a trend in the Province as a whole, but of the need to figure out what to do to improve the situation in these facilities. We also don't have information as to the health of the people that died. Were they already in critical care or were they stable and reasonably healthy prior to being diagnosed with COVID-19? Nuance is very important.

  • NS has 7 deaths, making the death rate 7/1M population
  • Canada's rate sitting at 35/1M
  • Global rate is 19.9/1M
  • US rate is 113/1M
  • Austria rate is 49/1M
  • Spain is 415/1M

Notable points for today:

  • The rate of increase in deaths in Spain dropped to its lowest point yet, under 2% with the lowest daily death toll since March 22. Austria ticked up again to just over 5%, let's hope their trend isn't turning around. Numbers still very small there overall.
  • The rate of death in Canada took a nice swing downward, but the US ticked back up again. The last 4 days have been the worst days in both the US and Canada for individual daily deaths, providing clear evidence we are right in the peak.
  • Please see my page for several other graphs plus a 3 part post detailing the ins and outs of precisely what the data means.

Note the large spike in graph 3 for the US on April 16 that wasn't there yesterday. NY added a significant number of deaths where people had not been tested but are presumed to have had COVID-19, so I updated my data to reflect their official results



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