I was asked if I could do a comparison between provinces, so here is what I put together:

As has been seen all over the world, cases and deaths are magnified in urban centres, hence why QC (Montreal) and ON (Toronto) are far above the rest of the country, followed by AB (Calgary and Edmonton) and BC (Vancouver) and then the rest of the country.

Nunavut is the only place in Canada without a reported case, and the Yukon, NWT, PEI and NB still have 0 deaths, which is excellent news. NS still in very good shape and well under the national average (5x under), and the numbers we do have are exacerbated by a concern within long term care facilities that I am unsure is impacting places like Sask and Manitoba that have a slightly lower death rate.

Regarding testing, NS has the highest testing rate in Canada (next to the NWT but they only have a population of 40,000 so the 1500 tests they have done is comparatively large) and among the highest in the world, bested only by a handful of countries such as Iceland, Luxembourg, Bahrain, Switzerland, Norway and Portugal. The NS testing rate is 50% higher than the Canadian avg.


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