Nova Scotia Update:
2 new deaths
0 new hospitalizations, 1 released from hospital
0 new ICU cases
44 more people recovered (330 total)

Unfortunately, once again the new deaths are from Northwood, meaning 8/12 NS deaths are from that facility and 11/12 are from long term care in general (10 different facilities reporting cases). As it stands, 92% of deaths and 28% of all cases are from long term care facilities. Outside of LTC, NS is still doing very, very well. Let's all continue to hope the situation, specifically at Northwood, begins to improve very quickly.

  • NS has 12 deaths, making the death rate 12/1M population
  • Canada's rate sitting at 49/1M
  • Global rate is 23/1M
  • US rate is 137/1M
  • Austria rate is 53/1M
  • Spain is 453/1M
  • Sweden is 172/1M

Notable points for today:

  • Spain had a marginal increase, with their rate of death increasing by just over 2%, still very strong figures but look forward to those consistently pushing towards 1%.
  • Austria with an amazing day, just 1 death in the country yesterday.
  • The rate of death in Canada ticked up slightly yesterday but still at levels not seen since the beginning of April (aside from the previous 2 days which were the best yet).
  • The US also ticked up but the increase was still under 6%
  • The numbers are still in the right Park but the figures in North America have yet to consistently level off. So whilst the peak MAY be behind us, we aren't far down the other side as yet.
  • Note I added in another country to track due to a request from someone who made a valid point. Sweden is a country who did not lock down to the same degree that much of the rest of the world did, so is worth keeping an eye on. As you can see, their death rate is a bit higher than the US, but much, much lower than that of the worst hit countries like Spain, Belgium, Italy, France, UK etc... Whilst their death rate is a bit higher (their health minister is very happy with the results they have seen overall, but conceded they have not done a good job at protecting their long term care facilities), their trajectory is in line with all other countries I'm tracking. They did see a spike in deaths yesterday, but prior to that they had their 4 lowest days of increases yet. Will be interesting to see how they continue to track over the coming days, and will be very interesting to compare their general economic and social situation over the coming months compared to countries that implemented far stricter lock downs.




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