April 29 COVID-19 Update

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Nova Scotia Update:
1 new death
0 new hospitalizations, 1 released from hospital
0 new ICU cases
20 new cases (935 total)
905 tests done
7 more people recovered (529 total)
378 active cases (+12, 40% of cases are active, 60% are concluded)

NS has 1 new death today, it was again from the Northwood LTC facility. 22/28 (79%) NS deaths are from Northwood and 26/28 are from long term care in general (10 different facilities are reporting cases). As it stands, 93% of deaths and 35% (+1%) of all cases (324/935) are from long term care facilities. Outside of LTC, NS continues to perform very well day after day. Yesterday, 905 tests were completed with 20 new cases reported. That is nearly double the tests from the previous day and just 5 additional cases. A note, 60% of ALL cases since day 1 are now concluded. Based on available data, my estimate is that there are under 80 active cases in NS that are NOT related to LTC.

  • NS has 28 deaths, making the death rate 28/1M population
  • Canada's rate sitting at 76/1M
  • Global rate is 28.1/1M
  • US rate is 178/1M
  • Austria rate is 65/1M
  • Spain is 509/1M
  • Sweden is 230/1M

Notable points for today:

  • Spain's rate of increase is up slightly but still under 2%. Their last 5 days in a row have still been their best 5 days yet, which is excellent news.
  • Austria did increase again slightly but are still well under 4%.
  • The rate of death in Canada maintained itself at about 5.5%, look forward to seeing this consistently under 3%.
  • The US increased a bit, but still well under 4%. Similar to Canada, we'd really like to start seeing more consistency as soon as possible.
  • Sweden maintained their figures from yesterday, with an increase of around 4%.





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