Have a look at the linked article by The Halifax Examiner. Thank you to them for the report and digging into some key details. Here are the highlights:

  • Strang not sold on family bubbles due to the stress it can put on people to choose. NS likely to take a different path.
  • 80% of cases at Northwood are in the wing where the most frail of patients receive nursing care
  • Family members of residents and tenants in the Manor are concerned about spread because "Northwood can’t order tenants of the Manor to wear masks and social distancing is voluntary." (My understanding is that tenants in the manor are those that live mostly independently in apt style living, and are not the same as residents, who are those that receive regular care and are housed in a different wing/building)
  • Northwood has 4 smoking rooms, which could be another vector
  • Northwood has hired a public relations firm “to make sure we were transparent and responsive.”

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