Based on Northwood's update for today, I have to now assume the data is synced up with the provinces. This is because Northwood reported 3 new cases today (which is more than the 2 reported by the province today) meaning it at minimum is yesterday's data, but that coupled with the 38 resident recoveries reported today, means the data has to be from today as the province only reported 6 recoveries yesterday, but 39 today. I have adjusted the data to account for this.

There are 44 active cases in LTC and 22 outside LTC (of which 9 are in hospital)

Northwood Update:

Facility cases (total): 331 (+3 new)

Total cases: 234 (+1 new)
Active cases: 27 (37 less)
Recoveries: 162 (+38 new)
Deaths: 45 (no deaths)

Total cases: 97 (+2 new)
Active cases: 15 (+2 new)
Recoveries: 82 (no change)

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