There are 42 active cases in total, 34 of which are at Northwood and 1 at another LTC facility. That leaves just 7 active outside LTC, yet there are 8 reported in Hospital. I believe this is because of the delay is some of Northwood's data, meaning there are likely a handful of recoveries at Northwood that have not yet been reported, which would push up the outside LTC active cases by the same amount. Either way, we are getting very close to having no cases outside LTC and hospitals. Great news!

Northwood Update:

Facility cases (total): 340 (+1 new)

Total cases: 243 (+1 new)
Active cases: 25 (+1 new)
Recoveries: 169 (no change)
Deaths: 49 (no change)

Total cases: 97 (no change)
Active cases: 9 (no change)
Recoveries: 88 (no change)

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