May 18 COVID-19 Update

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Nova Scotia Update:
0 new deaths
0 new hospitalizations (8 total)
0 new ICU cases (4 total)
3 new cases (1043 total)
237 tests done
8 more recoveries (946 total)
42 active cases (-5, 4% of cases are active, 96% are concluded)

NS has 0 new deaths today. 49/55 (89%) NS deaths are from Northwood and 53/55 (96%) are from long term care in general (11 different facilities are now reporting cases, 2 with active cases). Outside of LTC, the story is the same - NS continues to perform very well day after day with no deaths and limited, if any new cases. Yesterday, 237 tests were completed with just 3 new cases reported. 96% (+1%) of ALL cases since day 1 are now concluded. As of today, there are just 42 active cases in TOTAL, 7 of which are outside LTC. There are still 8 showing in hospital so this discrepancy could be related to Northwood data. We are getting so close to having no active cases that any single discrepancy with the data will be magnified. Not much can be done with it other than report it as is, and understand we are on the cusp of having limited to no community based cases.

- NS has 55 deaths, making the death rate 55/1M population
- Canada's rate sitting at 154/1M
- Global rate is 40.7/1M
- US rate is 273/1M
- Austria rate is 72/1M
- Spain is 582/1M
- Sweden is 360 we/1M

Notable points for today:
- Spain's rate of increase dropped to just 0.22%, which is well under 1%, for the 16th straight day and their lowest daily death toll since March 17th!
- Austria had 1 death, and has maintained an increase under 0.5% for 9 days in a row!
- The rate of increase in Canada decreased to well under 2%. This marks 10 days in a row under 4%, 6 of them under 3% including the last 3 in a row.
- The US rate of increase decreased significantly again yesterday to under 1%, and are at 10 days in a row just slightly over 2% (or less). It's their lowest rate of increase since it all began and 2nd lowest daily death toll since March 31.
- Sweden's increase has dropped to near 0% with just 5 deaths, and 7 of the last 9 days are under 2%. Much better!
- Another absolutely fantastic day all around!

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