Today, Premier McNeil and Dr Strang held a press conference to discuss COVID-19 in NS. Here is the summary:

  • 12 ew cases since last briefing, 1 new today which is under investigation
  • We don't have complete data to report. Lab system going through routine update.
  • Several cases still under investigation. We have 2 groups of individuals where travel is a factor but we are still trying to identify the initial source. Investigations are ongoing. Nothing points to general community spread.
  • Cases are rising all over Canada and the world. I (Strang) hear a lot of worry from people. I am paying close attention to what is happening, which is concerning. We need to pay attention, such as in Manitoba. They were on the same track as us just a few weeks ago. Yesterday Manitoba reported 241 new cases and 5 more deaths with wide community spread. We cannot become complacent. That said, despite what's going on around us, NS is still very safe right now as a result of the work Nova Scotians have done to keep us all safe by following all public health protocols.
  • We are in the 9th month of the pandemic with no clear end in sight. I don't like it either but this is the world we currently live in and I am here to protect the health and safety of everyone in NS. The next few weeks are critical to determining what happens over the next few months. Please continue to follow the protocols to ensure NS remains a safe place to be.
  • Thank you for making Halloween safe and special this year.
  • There were some large private gatherings on the weekend that Police had to attend to, which is disappointing. If the plan in NS is going to work, 100% of people need to be on board, not just 'most' of us.
  • Reports of more people not wearing masks when they should be. There are some people who cannot wear them. Please do not deny people entry if they say they are medically exempt. We do know legitimate reasons are a small portion of the population. Please wear one if you can, and don't look for reasons not to. This is dangerous, self-centred behaviour. Please also ensure you are wearing them properly (over the nose as mouth).
  • 3 pronged approach in NS - 1) Border measures (14 day quarantine), 2) public health measures such as masking, distancing and gathering limits, 3) Testing and follow up
  • Rapid testing - We are looking at how we can use these appropriately. When they are licensed by Health Canada, it's done based on manufacturers data. That data needs to be validated in real world situations. Not all licensed tests have been validated. They are less accurate than the PCR method. Especially when testing people who are asymptomatic or early on.
  • Remembrance Day - Very important day. There will be guidance available on our website shorty regarding groups who want to hold ceremonies. most of this information will be what we already know. Events should be by invitation only, especially those that may include veterans who may be at higher risk. Virtual events are encouraged. Wreaths should be done before the ceremony to minimize movement during the ceremony. Anyone singing should be as far away from others as possible.

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