October 7 COVID-19 Update

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Nova Scotia Update:
0 new deaths (65 total)
0 new hospitalizations (1 current)
0 new ICU cases (1 current)
0 new cases (1089 total)
836 tests done
0 new recoveries (1021 total)
3 active cases (99.7% are officially concluded)

New Brunswick Update:
0 new deaths (2 total)
2 new hospitalizations (2 current)
0 new ICU cases (0 current)
19 new cases (222 total)
2 new recoveries (198 total)
22 active cases (90.1% are officially concluded)

PEI Update:
0 new deaths (0 total)
0 new cases (61 total)
0 new recoveries (58 total)
3 active cases (96.6% are officially concluded)

Newfoundland Update:
0 new deaths (4 total)
0 new hospitalizations (0 current)
0 new ICU cases (0 current)
0 new cases (277 total)
0 new recoveries (269 total)
4 active cases (98.6% are officially concluded)

There are 19 new cases in the Atlantic Bubble today, all in NB; NB also reports 2 recoveries. The new cases are all in Zone 1 (Moncton region) and NB is declaring an outbreak at the Notre-Dame Manor special-care home in Moncton. 13 residents, 4 staff and 2 family members make up the new cases, 2 of the residents are in hospital. The care home has 112 residents and 56 employees. Public Health started an investigation last night, sending additional staff and resources to the facility. They started contact tracing and rapid testing of the facility’s residents and staff earlier today. All admissions and visits to the manor are on hold until further notice. All other facilities are to follow current public health guidance under yellow phase unless otherwise directed. The source of the outbreak is under investigation.

This means there are 3 active cases in PEI, 3 in NS, 22 in NB and 4 in NFLD, none known to be related to the Atlantic Bubble itself. In NS, 53/65 (82%) NS deaths are from Northwood and 57/65 (88%) are from long term care in general (11 different facilities have reported cases, none have an active case). Yesterday, 836 tests were completed with 0 new cases reported.

From the Press Release:
“New Brunswick has been successful over the last few months in keeping the spread of this disease contained,” said Premier Blaine Higgs. “We did this by continuing to take the precautions Public Health was asking us to take. Those low numbers caused some to wonder why we were still under a state of emergency and why all the precautions were still necessary. Today’s announcement is why. We have to do what is needed to protect our vulnerable family members and friends.”

“An outbreak is everyone’s greatest fear and please be assured that our overriding priority is the health and safety of the residents and those who care for them,” said Dr. Jennifer Russell, chief medical officer of health. “Today’s news is a clear reminder that we must all be vigilant and follow public health advice.”

- NS has 65 deaths, making the death rate 65/1M population
- NB has 2 deaths, their rate is 2.5/1M
- PEI has 0 deaths
- NFLD has 4 deaths, their rate is 7.7/1M
- Canada's rate sitting at 254/1M
- Global rate is 135.5/1M
- US rate is 639/1M
- Austria rate is 94/1M
- Spain is 692/1M
- Sweden is 576/1M

Notable points for today:
- Spain reported 261 deaths yesterday for an increase of 0.81%.
- Austria reports 8 deaths for an increase of 0.97%.
- The rate of increase in Canada is 0.27% with 26 deaths (15 QC, 7 ON, 1 AB, 1 MB, 2 BC). This marks 34/43 days at/under 0.1%, 2nd time greater than 0.2% since July 9.
- The US rate of increase is 0.34%. 17/21 days are at/under a 0.45% increase, 6 of them at/under 0.2%.
- Sweden's increase is 0.08% meaning 45/49 days are at/under 0.05%, all of them at/under 0.1%.

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