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As per my post last night, since Ontario is the media and Federal Government's epicentre of COVID-19 currently, I have decided to include a daily update for Ontario, including visuals for daily deaths as well as hospitalizations/ICU. In the summary, after some of the stats you will see something like "Max 1043 May 5". This is to give context and perspective to the current figures. It means that on May 5 Ontario had 1043 people in hospital due to COVID-19, which was the maximum number they have had to date.

I've put some added focus on Ontario due to the current rhetoric being played out across the country, including statements from Dr Strang, as well as the CBC that some hospitals in Ontario are at capacity. Given the bulk of the cases are in major urban centres, and there are 80% less hospitalizations than there were back in May, I can only conclude this is patently false. Ontario is doing 300%-600% more daily testing vs April and May, (using a PCR amplification cycle maximum of 45; at 60 basically everyone would be positive; anything above 25 or 30 and there is so little virus the person is neither positive, nor contagious or sick) yet average daily cases since Oct 1 (678) are up just 27% from the peak in the latter half of April (533). This is the basis for the new lockdown measures and business closures being enforced in Ontario now, even though average daily deaths since Oct 1 (3.9) are down over 92% from the peak during the 2 week period of April 23-May 7 (54.5 daily deaths). Perhaps because nearly 60% of the current active cases are under 40, whilst barely 8% are over 70, hence the low level of negative outcomes.

Nova Scotia Update:
0 new deaths (65 total)
0 new hospitalizations (1 current)
0 new ICU cases (1 current)
0 new cases (1092 total)
533 tests done
1 new recovery (1023 total)
4 active cases (99.6% are officially concluded)

New Brunswick Update:
0 new deaths (2 total)
2 new hospitalizations (5 current)
0 new ICU cases (1 current)
14 new cases (272 total)
0 new recoveries (199 total)
71 active cases (73.9% are officially concluded)

PEI Update:
0 new deaths (0 total)
2 new cases (63 total)
2 new recoveries (60 total)
3 active cases (95.2% are officially concluded)

Newfoundland Update:
0 new deaths (4 total)
0 new hospitalizations (0 current)
0 new ICU cases (0 current)
0 new cases (282 total)
0 new recoveries (269 total)
9 active cases (96.8% are officially concluded)

Ontario Update:
1 new death (3005 total, 86 max April 30)
217 total hospitalizations (+4, 1043 max May 5)
51 total ICU cases (+3, 264 max April 9)
32 patients on ventilator (+3)
649 new cases (59139 total, 939 max Oct 9)
44138 tests done (48488 max Oct 8)
705 new recoveries (50437 total)
5697 active cases (57% under age 40, 8.2% over 70, 90.4% officially concluded)

There are 16 new cases in the Atlantic Bubble today, 2 in PEI and 14 in NB; NS also reports 1 recovery whilst PEI reports 2. Both cases in PEI are men — one in his 20s and one in his 40s — who work in unrelated non-health-care industries and recently travelled within Canada but outside the Atlantic bubble. They have been in self-isolation since arriving in the province. L.E. Reinsborough School in Dalhousie, NB (zone 5) announces a positive case, this is the 3rd school in zone 5 to announce a case in recent days. Schools remain open, but under strict restrictions including masking at all times other than when eating or during gym class, and school sports have been cancelled until further notice. 4 of the new NB cases are in Moncton, all related to the outbreak at the care home. 10 cases are in zone 5, all related to the regional outbreak in that zone. This means there are 3 active cases in PEI, 4 in NS, 71 in NB and 9 in NFLD, none known to be related to the Atlantic Bubble itself. In NS, 53/65 (82%) NS deaths are from Northwood and 57/65 (88%) are from long term care in general (11 different facilities have reported cases, none have an active case). Yesterday, 533 tests were completed with 0 new cases reported.

From the Press Release:
Details on NB

- NS has 65 deaths, making the death rate 65/1M population
- NB has 2 deaths, their rate is 2.5/1M
- PEI has 0 deaths
- NFLD has 4 deaths, their rate is 7.7/1M
- ON has 3005 deaths, their rate is 206/1M
- Canada's rate sitting at 256/1M
- Global rate is 137.6/1M
- US rate is 650/1M
- Austria rate is 96/1M
- Spain is 702/1M
- Sweden is 576/1M

Notable points for today:
- Spain reported 0 deaths yesterday for an increase of 0%. They don't report on weekends.
- Austria reports 10 deaths for an increase of 1.19%.
- The rate of increase in Canada is 0.24% with 23 deaths (14 QC, 7 ON, 2 MB). This marks 79/86 days at/under 0.15%. 3 of Quebec's 14 deaths occurred in the last 24 hours. 7 deaths were added which occurred between October 3 and October 8 and 4 deaths which occurred before October 3.
- The US rate of increase is 0.42%. 19/24 days are at/under a 0.45% increase, 6 of them at/under 0.2%.
- Sweden's increase is 0.0% meaning 48/52 days are at/under 0.05%, all of them at/under 0.1%.

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